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submission reminder + announcement

The next post will be posted we get at least 5 secrets.

Currently there are 4 secret submitted.

You do not have to watch the community in order to post a secret.

Submit your secrets here!

Hi everyone, I hope you New Year is going well.

I apologize for the slowness around here, but there's not much that can be done about that. Communities have their highs and lows, their fast and slow paced times.

This community has had a good run (despite some of the drama attached) but I do like what we do here. So don't think I'm shutting it down. It might in the future, but right now, it's not going anywhere. And if it was, I would definitely say something before hand, not "LOL PEACE OUT COMM, IT'S BEEN NICE KNOWING YOU".

I just wanted to make mention of the previous post and some people weren't exactly happy with how I posted things. Poor wording on my part (and I realized that after some of the comments when mentioning the not posted secret as "not a fandom secret"). When I started this community with chiibiusa my intention wasn't to make this place popular with the help of drama and wank. Well, it happened to go that way sadly. I wanted to change this around. I don't want this place to thrive off wank. Hell, that could be why things are slow around here.

But if said wank secrets are made and they're not targeting people, they'll be posted, but not in the main entry. I'm not saying people should stop making secrets, it's just that... to me, that isn't what this community is about. You can agree or disagree with me, that's fine. We all have our opinions. But I did want to bring this up considering how some of the comments were worded as if to trigger wank. That's not what I stood for in making this community.

Any comments, concerns, and the like, post them here. Comments are screened. I do thank you all for sticking around for the community and making the secrets.
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Screened comment

Thank you. I had only hoped in doing the right thing. I'm sure if I hadn't posted the secret at all, it would have blown up out of proportion, causing more drama and wank and that's not something I'd like to see. The only thing I would like to refrain posting at all is secrets who target a specific person.

Haha, I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree. Wholeheartedly actually.