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I like this weeks secrets. Because they sound like actual secrets.
I must say, I agree. =]
SAME. It's part of the reason I despise the anime so much. Manga Rei was more interesting; we didn't need a second, slightly more extreme Minako 8(
I concur. Manga Rei was awesome and didn't need to be turned into a cliche to make her more popular amongst fans.
I like both Manga Rei and Anime Rei... I think both versions bring something to the table.

Deleted comment

Okay, I can understand not liking one version of the character over the other, but I serious doubt the OP actually fast forwards the scenes that Rei is in. I mean, that's a good chunk of the series as a whole.

Dramatic hyperbole much?
I like anime Rei and manga Rei for different reasons. Now, the "Rei" I hate is dub Raye. Every intense scene Rei had was turned into Raye screaming or being an arrogant jerk. Even the scenes which were supposed to be heartwarming--Moon trusting Mars with her wand, Rei telling Usagi to not give up Mamoru so easily, etc.--were twisted--Mars all but steals the wand, Raye tells Serena how much she sucks, etc.--and made me loath dub Raye.
D: why? Jupiter is so loyal and fierce and sweet!
I'm biased. . . I fell in love with her when I saw her doing martial arts training.
I can't speak for everyone, but the reasons *I* love Makoto are that she's kind and loyal. She's tough, but only because she has to be. Makoto finds joy in simple things, like cooking and doing her martial arts. She's pretty to me, and she doesn't see it--that reminds me of myself. Makoto loves her friends very much. So do the others, but that doesn't denigrate her own love. I just think Makoto is an honorable, strong woman who is probably the most "normal" of them all, even with her sad past.
i dont dig her either, shes my least favorite.
Actually (except for the color) Neptune's hair reminds me a lot of my own. Including the inconsistency. =P
On the bright side, now you can take artistic license and draw it however you want? ♥
As a fanartist, I think that's silly |Da It's obviously very wavy and everyone ends up with their own interpretation in their style of her hair anyway, long as it's teal and super wavy, go nuts?
Sadly, you'll get hate in every fandom for any love interest not considered the norm. I bet most hate stems from people who ship Ami/Zoisite and the rest of the Senshi with their Generals.

Feel free to tell me why you hate Greg/Urawa if its not related to that.
Where did Mercury's sleeve go? o-o Has it always been that way, and I just never noticed?
Because he's not cool enough to be paired with Ami? I dunno. At least, he's better than Mercurius ^__~'

You should have commented to the fifth secret in this post. Lol.
I'm sure there's tutorials online for figuring out how to make one. You might want to check for their SM thread.